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* SPACES AVAILABLE * Please book in your driver for us to allow you with track time, thank you! 

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Onboard footage of a couple of practice laps from Kai Askey Racing during The LGM Championship.


Our Owner Kart Driver Test Days are the perfect way to improve your driving skills, while preparing you for your next race.

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Please email your dates to and we will check availability for you. GYG Karting is a popular venue, we recommend you utilise the Test Days provided.


Order Tramadol Fedex Overnight

Our Test Days are announced live on our website as soon as they have been confirmed. We are happy to notify you via email about future Test Days at GYG.

GYG Karting Ltd, Glan Y Gors Park, Cerrigydrudion, Corwen, Conwy, North Wales LL21 0RU Snowdonia